Community Assistance is what matters

Unexpected financial hardships can strike any of us. New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), along with generous local community agencies, offers several programs to assist NBU customers who are having trouble making ends meet. We also offer free energy and water assessments to help our customers save money while conserving valuable resources. Working together through hardships is what makes New Braunfels such an amazing community, and NBU is proud to participate.

BUDGET BILLING Budget Billing eases the impact of higher seasonal utility bills by spreading your bills into 11 equal monthly payments with the 12th month serving as the reconciling month. 830.629.8400
SENIOR CITIZEN BILLING New Braunfels Utilities offers deferred bill payment to senior citizens age 60 or older. Deferred payments are due 25 days after the bill issue date, without penalty. 830.629.8400
CARE CERTIFICATES Purchased just like a gift certificate, NBU Care Certificates can be used to pay for a customer’s utility bill. Buy one for a friend or family member in need. 830.629.8400
ENERGY ASSESSMENTS Free energy assessment involves a visual inspection and analysis of current grid and equipment. Recommendations are made to possibly improve efficiency and lower costs. 830.608.8925
WATER ASSESSMENTS Free water assessment involves an inspection to look for signs of leakage or excessive use. Recommendations are made to possibly improve efficiency and lower costs. 830.608.8925

NEW BRAUNFELS FOOD BANK Hardship-based assistance to help NBU customers pay for electric, water, and wastewater charges. This assistance program cannot aid with closed accounts (unless customer is moving inside the NBU service area) or deposits. They also offer aid in the form of groceries. 830.327.6000
SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army offers aid in the form of groceries, hot meals, and utility bill assistance to those in need. 830.608.9129
FAMILY CENTER Family Life Center holds a Commodities Day on the third Thursday of every month. Comal County residents in need of food may register to receive assistance. 830.625.7100