Geotechnical Data

Bidding Requirements, Contract Forms & Conditions of the Contract
Geotechnical Data                               Section 0220
Depending on Project requirements, OWNER may have obtained geotechnical information, which may include laboratory test results, logs of borings, and recommendations from geotechnical consultants. That information will be included in this section and/or on the Drawings. The CONTRACTOR shall be familiar with the subsurface materials and conditions on the Project and shall be knowledgeable of how they will affect the Work. The following is a partial listing of sources of information available to the CONTRACTOR about subsurface materials and conditions: the geotechnical information provided by the OWNER; geologic maps, publications and reports available from the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology at the J.J. Pickle Research Center in Austin, Texas; subcontractors familiar with local ground conditions; and, local consulting geologists and geotechnical engineers. The CONTRACTOR may make their own subsurface investigations.