The purpose of the NBU STANDARD DETAILS is to provide the design professional a guide for accepted construction practices within the City of New Braunfels and outside the city to the boundaries of the New Braunfels Utilities service area.  As an aid to the designer, these standard details are provided for the inclusion in proposed development projects for ease, efficiency and cost savings.
Standard details contained in this manual are not intended to limit the design responsibility of the design professional. However, they establish a minimum acceptable size, configuration and/or quality for use within the City of New Braunfels and within the New Braunfels Utilities service area.
The design professional may increase the requirements of an item contained in the standard detail to meet job requirements, but when this is done, there should be no reference on the plans to the New Braunfels Utilities standard detail and a new detail should be included in the plans and/or project contract documents.
The design professional must review all Standard Details to be sure that they are adequate for the proposed project based on the job site conditions, and the design professional is solely responsible for the designs submitted under his seal.
In order to keep design standards current with ever changing regulations and improved construction materials this section will be updated and maintained by the Water Systems Engineering Division and not require separate New Braunfels Utilities Board of Directors approval. Prior to starting a new design project the design professional should contact the New Braunfels Utilities Water Systems Engineering Division to verify that he/she has the latest document revisions.