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The sensible way to handle your utility costs.

Budget Billing eases the impact of higher seasonal utility bills by spreading your bills into 11 equal monthly payments with the 12th month serving as the reconciling month. Your New Braunfels Utilities bills won’t go up and down and you’ll know exactly what your utility bill will be from month to month, making it easier to manage your budget.

How Budget Billing works.

See the bar graph below. The blue bars indicate the sample amount that a customer would pay each billing period using NBU’s regular billing system. The total due fluctuates with usage throughout the year. The orange bar indicates the predictable amount a customer enrolled in Budget Billing would pay.

The net result is that through Budget Billing, you can avoid big changes in your utility bill — especially during peak months when air conditioning, heating, and watering can drive bills way up. Please note that the total Budget Billing costs over time will not be higher than actual costs. With Budget Billing, each month’s bill is the same. For example, in September that actual sample bill was $198.08, more than twice as much as the actual bill in May. But under Budget Billing, the September bill is only $141.20 — the same as the Budget Bill in May.

Budget Billing FAQ's